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  • One stop Vr Theme park design

    One stop Vr Theme park design


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    XD cinema 9d Cinema 7D cinema


  • 2019 Laster Vr Products

    2019 Laster Vr Products


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7D Cinema You are the hero in the movie!

7D cinema means interactive cinema, It’s not only have all of the ettect as 5D cinema, but also add the gun shooting effect. Viewers can shoot the ghost, bad man in the movie for interactive.

9D Virtual Reality Cinema A World You've Never Been To

9D VR cinema is an interactive, exciting and fantastic vr product. It uses vr glasses to show the 360º movies. It connects with the motion seats and brings you a totally different and real experience. You can move your head and press the button on the seats to interactive with the target in the movies.


  • Very happy to be the first client of Dlight in Spain. Dlight share me a great successful business by 9D VR and I am going to open more than 100 showrooms here.

  • Jack Belgium

    Very busy for the business, specially at the weekend, the customers here are more willing to try to experience the 9D VR cinema.

  • 伙伴八

    Suqi, I really like your 7d cinema products. I am so excited about it. My sample 7D Cinema attracted many many customers. I must be your factory agent in India.